18 April 2019

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Jaypore.com: Window to Ethnic Indian Handcrafts

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The need for an authentic e-commerce portal which would offer the ethnic beauty in Indian handicrafts at a word stage marked the birth of Japypore.com. The brainchild of Punnet Chawla and co founder Shilpa Sharma, Jaypore today is a popular portal known for its ethic and vintage product offerings.

Having shipped products to about 50 countries in just 30 months of their existence, Japypore is a success story in the Indian handicraft scene like no other in the past.


Business Overview of Jaypore.com:

Jaypore.com is an online e-retail store offering the world of ethnic Indian handicrafts to the world. The dedicated team of in house experts at Jaypore discovers the best designs from artisans and craftsmen from the remote corners of India. Along with the product offering Jaypore team also shares that the story of their origins offering exotic designs with beautiful stories. Jaypore.com exclusively deals with ethnic designs and local trends that bring a feeling of nostalgia when using their products.

Jaypore USP:

Jaypore has no shops or franchisees anywhere and they retail only online but the company has made a point to sell only the most genuine and authentic stuff to their clients. The detailed information about various products and handcrafts makes it possible for them to offer beautiful hand-crafted products of the highest quality to their customers.  Some of the top selling product categories in Jaypore include saris, jewelry, apparel, personal accessories, home textiles and art.  Jaypore today launches 4-6 new collections every day have customers in 50 countries and are 80 people strong.

A word on the founders:

Jaypore is the brainchild of Mr. Puneet Chawla who handles marketing, technology, production, operations, finance and HR at Jaypore. Along with co-founder, Shilpa Sharma, Puneet started working on the concept in 2012. After a year of hard work, the dup managed to beta launch their project in September 2012 for the American market. The portal was officially launched in India and the rest of the world in January 2013.

Funding and Finances:

Jaypore is a self funded venture today although the company brought on board an angel investor on the first day of their launch reveals Puneet. We are very particular about finding investors who will understand what we are building and have the patience to stay.  This is not the kind of business that can be scaled up and sold in 3-4 years says the founder and CEO of Jaypore. The founders along with investors have collectively invested over 3 crores in the business so far.

Marketing Plans and Schemes:

Jaypore has based its marketing plans on word of mouth publicity as well digital marketing campaigns. One satisfied customer brings us 10 more is our mantra. This, we have seen to be very effective. Other than this, we try and target a relevant audience online on Facebook says Puneet. Personally delivering packets to South Delhi customers and requesting them to tell their friends about us in their early days helped the company retain a loyal customer base.

Challenges and Future Plans:

The biggest challenge facing Jaypore today reveals Puneet is to maintain a steady supply chain of exciting products. The company is constantly innovating offering new products to stay a step ahead of the competition in terms of both the offering and prices. of course keeping the workforce happy and motivated, achieving growth targets and risk management continues to be a constant challenge for Jaypore like other successful companies.

Tips for budding entrepreneurs:

There is no substitute for hard work reveals Puneet sharing his advice for budding entrepreneurs. “If you have an idea that’s close to your heart and if you feel you can dedicate 15 years of your life to it, then go ahead and build it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.” Being practical is part of the advice given by Puneet who says it is foolish to chase a dream that has very less chance of coming true. Once you have an idea and a plan keep working on it till you succeed signs off the successful entrepreneur.


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