10 December 2019

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How to Manage Your HR

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Managing human resource successfully brings with it a number of challenges. With changing times, increasing global competiveness and shortage of skilled employee workforce, companies have changed their perception when it comes to handling HR teams and modules. The biggest asset of most companies is their strong workforce. It is because employees can make or break the organization.

Handling Human resource becomes all the more important since any discrepancies in handling human resource departments can bring a detrimental change to the fortunes of the company. Here are some recommended tips that can help companies to bring the best out of their employees while strengthening the human resource mechanism of the organization in the long run.

Defined HR Role:
For companies having a dedicated human resources team or department, it is essential that the core management of the company works in perfect synergy with the HR team to avoid any communication gaps. The company management must pinpoint the exact HR needs of the company in accordance with its quantum of work and services while the HR department must work in accordance with the overall goals, values and objectives of the organization.

Different companies have different HR mechanisms and hence it is imperative for both core management and HR department to find out the common ground for their respective company and move forward in a strategic manner that can be beneficial to the employees as well as the company in the short term as well as the long term.

Embed Employee Reward Programs:
Companies and organizations that understand employees as their most prized assets usually have a hassle free workflow and faces miniscule employee troubles. One of the best ways to successfully manage people and employee workforce is to have an in-house employee appreciation and reward program in place. It not only acts as a motivational tool but also makes sure that employees doing good, hard and consistent work are rewarded well in time.

Not every reward program works through the prism of monetary gains. Sometimes a small letter of appreciation from the core management can work just as well to motivate employees to continue their good work.  Small and medium enterprises face the biggest challenge when it comes to managing their human resources and must try and incorporate a fixed employee reward fellowship program in the work culture of the company that can bring transparency as well as act as a level playing field between company management and its human resources.

Assign Definite Roles:  
Having perfectly assigned roles not only increases productivity of the employees but also makes sure that there are specialized people for specific tasks. SMEs or big organization which do not have a well defined role for their workforce usually end up with an unsatisfied employee force which hurts the company in the long run.

Many companies in their effort to employ cost cutting usually force employees to multi task various roles which cuts the opportunities of employees to think out of the box and offer their best to their specialized tasks. Assigning well defined roles is a small step that has far reaching success rates when it comes to increasing the overall efficiency of the company while maintaining employee work satisfaction.

Have a Well Oiled Feedback Workflow Mechanism:
One of the biggest mistakes most business establishments’ especially small and medium enterprises make when it comes to handling their human resources is the lack of any feedback mechanism.  Having an open door feedback policy can not only allow for mutual exchange of thoughts between the management and employee irrespective of his or her position, it also increases employee accountability.

Incorporate Training and Internship Modules:  
Offering training and internships while on the job can be a catalyst in maintaining a long term relation with the employees. In this day of employee poaching and switching jobs far too often, having a well defined training module can act as a motivation for employees to think long term with the organization. Owing to such role, defined training modules can help them in their professional approach. Having a well trained workforce is one thing but to retain the trained employees in the long term is another. Periodic workshops also help in overall development of the employees while cutting out poaching risks from rival companies.


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