10 December 2019

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How to Protect your IPR?

Every small business starts with a unique and innovative seed idea. One of the biggest fears for all small business entities is a possible leakage of the idea before the company evolves. More and more small as well as big organizations are focusing their energies towards protecting their intellectual property rights. Protecting intellectual property rights not only gives companies the freedom to work on their unique ideas, but also useful in executing seed funding from the venture capitalists and other investors in the long run.

How to minimize surprises while raising funds from third parties?

Few essentials which you as an entrepreneur must do to minimize such surprises and last-minute sacrifices while raising money from third parties.

How to Get a Company Registration

Starting out a new company begins with incorporating the company as a legal entity. India has been notorious in the past due its long bureaucratic and legal hurdles in registering a company both for locals as well as non resident Indians. With Indian corporate mindset having changed for the better post globalization in the early 1990s, the hassles in getting a company registered have been structured in an easy and smooth process.

How To

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Negotiate with a Supplier

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Choose a mentor

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Raise Funds for your Business

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Start working from Home (SOHO)

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Protect your IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)

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Manage HR

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