07 December 2019

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Tra-la-la It's Travel-la-la... !

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Now as we entered into the post slowdown phase, we could find out that things in the business scenario have started taking their own shape.  New business models, and new business propositions are now started showing their presence.The travel industry especially the business travel industry is no different from it. Business travel has already started making its presence felt when the concept of budget hotels entered into Indian market.

Over  the last few years India has observed a major boom in travel and tourism industry and the country has also grabbed its important position in global tourism scenario. Coming over to segment of business travel, the micro, small and mid-sized organisations hold great relevance to business travel.

The boom in the travel industry has surely pleased the industry people, but at the same time the common man has also realised the importance of travel and tourism. But by doing the reality check for the breakup of an Indian traveler, it can be clearly said that out of total employed Indians,  over 80 % of working Indians are associated or working for micro, small and mid-sized organisation.

As the travel industry is growing day-by-day, there has been a high voltage competition setting ablaze in this segment. Hence it has become essential for travel agents and industry professionals to always remain updated with latest happenings in the travel industry across the country and world as well. Ultimately, the situation is getting better for the end user or in this case of business traveler. But by staying updated with tourism and travel happenings can help the tourism industry people to run the business with ease and also to gain huge profit. Besides, travel and tourism industry also contribute to a great deal to the economy of the country.

In this, regard a lot of focus has been shifted towards micro and small sized businesses which have started showing great amount of interest for offsites and business meetings.

Although having smaller business size, the executives of smaller organisations use to travel a lot. For example, they wanted to keep their quarterly employees’ meet at a decent offsite location, but that has to be cost effective and less expensive. Another key driver for such business potential is the scope of business conferences.  

Networking is very important in any business, especially among the SMBs. For proper and business full networking, outstation events, business conferences and presentations are considered to be a positive opportunity. An entrepreneur of a small organisation is always keen on attending such events, but the cost or expenses of making it possible, holds him back.

A good and cost effective package may help the entrepreneur who would be interested in capitalising such opportunities. This is something which the travel agent must have to keep in mind while suggesting with such entrepreneur.

The hotel industry has recognised this fact that corporate or business travelers can blend business with pleasure and tradition with cosmopolitan in these super luxury hotels. But the main demand of any entrepreneur from the micro, small business category is to have a cost effective way of attending such conferences. This is a big opportunity area and industry should look at it carefully.

During the slowdown, multiple cost control methods were adopted by organisations in order to ensure that the expenses are not going on unnecessary luxury. This was the main reason when budget hotels started their marketing campaigns.

Having said this, there is one big reason that these small organisations wanted to adopt even at the tough financial times of slowdown. This reason is -employee motivation. To motivate employees, one common way is to recognise their efforts by rewarding them, at the same time recognise the participation of maximum or if possible, all the employees but taking them to some outstation.

But especially the small organisations do not want heavy expenses on their shoulders, just for the sake of employee motivation. Then the question appears that who will guide them to a best possible place which can come at a best possible price. This again becomes an opportunity area for travel agents who want to specialise in the area of business junkets, business offsite and employee engagement programs.

As an example, Northern India has some of the best business conferencing and convention hosting facilities, replete with ultra tech facilities of truly global standard. Corporate visitors can retreat to a hill station, a beach side convention, or at a heritage hotel set in a historic location. The scenic location ensures that the people don't tire out even after an intense brainstorming session. Northern part of  India houses some off the most exemplary holidaying spots, which can be included in the pre and post conference tours.

This is just an example and it is quite sure, that to make them cost effective, the travel cost should be limited.

It is also believed that the organisation rely on suggestions from the travel agent or the person who is dealing in the business of travel and tours. So to tap this opportunity which comes from the Micro, Small and mid-sized businesses, a smart travel agent can win their trust if he understands their issues and priorities.


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