17 November 2018

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Is Planet Earth Gonna Wear an Electronic Skin?

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A Ne Mega-Trend in Technology:

Sensors are gradually becoming a part of modern world. Thanks to internet penetration and upsurge in the usage of smart phones; remotely monitoring and managing things by combining sensors and networked intelligence has become a reality. This new mega-trend in technology – known as Internet of Things (IoT) collects and manages massive data from the network of devices and sensors, processes this data and finally shares it with other connected devices. It not only facilitates capture of meaningful data but also gives access to real-time information. Its application is being seen not only on industrial fronts where it helps to improve productivity and reduces costs but also in personal lives – be it in the form of a reminder gadget to take your daily dose of medicine or tracking your activity levels throughout the day using your smartphone’s range of sensors or intelligent cars that drive and park themselves.

Pioneers in the Most Affordable Tablets

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Datawind is the first Indian company to create a revolution in the affordable tablet computers segment in India. They are credited with the initiation of world’s most affordable tablet computers with the launch of Aakash. Armed with technological strength, they are striving to connect the forgotten billions to the internet and have been working with various governments and not-for-profit organizations to bridge the digital divide. Besides Delhi, Datawind operates in Amritsar, London, Montreal and Mississauga.

Firstouch: World’s First Regional Smartphone

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The Indian Smartphone market is becoming the hotbed of activity especially in the budget Smartphone segment. The introduction of low cost phones from various companies including Google’s own Android One to phones based on Firefox operating system marketed as the world's cheapest, Indian Smartphone market is growing exponentially.

App-up your business to stay ahead: Zoho

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Small is set to be the new big. It has been projected that by 2020, 22% of the country's GDP will come from Small and Medium Enterprises. This is 5% more than what this segment contributes today. To maintain this flux and achieve higher targets, SMEs need a strong, reliable and conducive IT support, vital for a business to thrive.

Microsoft Surface Pro -3

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In what can be termed as a path breaking product combining the usability of a tablet and a laptop, Microsoft has released its new flagship device known as the Surface Pro 3. Succeeding the earlier version known as the Surface Pro 2, Surface Pro 3 essentially offers performance of a high end laptop built in a think and compact device that can give any tablet a run for its money. The Surface Pro 3 is powered by an Intel Core i processor making it the slimmest device in the technology world build using a core i processor. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with its 9.1 mm frame comes with a 12" screen supporting stylus and an adjustable kickstand.

LG G3 Review

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The Smartphone market is witnessing interesting times with influx of refined high end models from phone manufacturing bigwigs. While Samsung and Apple are still at the top of the Smartphone market across the globe but only just. Other mobile manufacturing companies including LG are poised to score big especially with the launch of models like their high end flagship phone G3 launched in India last month. Launched at a price of Rs. 47,990 for the 16 GB variant, LG G3 is one of the high end phones available in the market today. Modeled on its earlier device the G2 which was not exactly a blockbuster hit, G3 seems to have been developed by the company keeping in mind the way consumers think while accepting or rejecting a high end Smartphone.

Heart Bleed Bug- Is your data safe?

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Heart bleed bug has been in news in the past few weeks owing to the massive impact it may have had on online transactions and web security. Heart bleed bug intrinsically is a bug that went largely undetected till very recently operating in the OpenSSL implementation of the SSL protocol over the web. According to conservative estimates, over 17% of the internet's web traffic dealing in data transactions over secure web servers has been vulnerable to the Heart bleed bug, including possible leak of usernames, passwords and email id's. Now with heart bleed bug detected and security patch applied by almost every website worth its salt over the internet, let us take a look at possible data breach that heart bleed bug made vulnerable in the virtual world.

How to use Twitter for Business

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Twitter with more than 500 million registered users has come a long way from being a personalized social media platform. Today a large number of business establishments including small companies and self employed professionals use the power of twitter to increase sales and improve their marketing and brand promotional activity. Many twitter users follow various businesses to share ideas and show support for the business. From proactive customer support to knowing about the latest products from a company, users find it quite convenient to follow a business establishment on twitter that is proactive. Twitter is a powerful tool that can increase the brand promotion of any business establishment if used intelligently. Here are some tips and tricks to use twitter effectively to promote one's business.

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