19 June 2019

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Marketing Prescription: Distinguish or Die

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Marketing Prescriptions Series

Ashwin MerchantToday, business is all about marketing. Best quality product and good services needs aggressive marketing and in addition to great talent. Marketing is most important business functionality, as it brings revenue to the company, and talent brings innovation on the table.

Often, marketing is mistaken as advertising, sales promotion, events and alike. And many believe that sending emails, mobile SMS, tele calling is marketing they do one and more application without much of the knowledge of strategic marketing, but what they do not understand is that these are all tools of marketing. The potential and scope of marketing is much more than these tools.

The definition of marketing is; “The process that begins with the understanding of customers that ends with fulfillment of objective to satisfy customer at all times.”

Marketing begins with the customer and ends with the customer. Strategic Marketing is to define the method and means based on individual requirement to fulfill the business objective.

Marketing acts like a stimulator or a vitamin for SME business. To keep business healthy and growing, I have recommended 12 Marketing Prescriptions. Take one every week for 12 continuous weeks to follow.


Marketing Prescription # 1

Distinguish or Die – Make your own USP:

USP is Unique Selling Proposition. Why customers must buy your product and service. Today’s customers no more look at features, but customers ask for the benefits. It is entirely on seller to distinguish his products and services differently – a true and transparent way to make the product different than the rest, else in competition to large corporations and multi national organizations, SMEs will find difficult to survive. Do you know what UBP is?


Ashwin Merchant


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