29 March 2015

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Union Budget 2015-16 Expectations

What Small Business Enterprises Expect from the Finance Minister This Annual Budget?

With the annual budget just around the corner, there are expectations galore from the finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitely. Everyone from personal tax payer to the business enterprise, large corporate and various industrial chambers are all looking at various reforms that the new budget would hold. With the Prime Minister talking about skill development and promotion of small industries in the country, the Indian small and medium enterprise (SME) sector is hoping that the upcoming annual budget may introduce some game changing reforms for them. Here is a look at what most small business companies across various sectors expect from their finance minister this budget session.

Small Enterprise Magazine - Feb'15 Issue

I feel the world around us is fast changing and work places are no exception. Technology, as it does to everything it touches, is bringing about great changes in the way people collaborate and work. The term ‘work places of tomorrow’ has been around for quite some time now. From environment friendly offices, fun offices, cost-efficient budget offices, flexible offices and shared offices spaces, changing office design concepts, lifestyle work places, workplaces are undergoing a sea change which was hitherto unheard of. Not very long ago, the workplace was remarkably static. Many of us still work in big offices, in cubicles, and at the same desk and computer every day. However, this is headed for a change.

Small Enterprise Magazine (2nd Anniversary) Issue: Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in India:

India is an entrepreneurial country, but its entrepreneurs have had to struggle to create and grow their business ventures. There is, however, a growing group of first-generation Indian entrepreneurs that have generated large-scale employment and significant wealth. These successes have encouraged a new breed of entrepreneurs especially in the internet and e-commerce space. We do lack a robust ecosystem to fuel innovation, R&D that hopefully triggers entrepreneurship.

Small Enterprise Magazine October'14 Issue : Technology Solutions for Small Business

For a business owner, it is vital that they understand and use advanced technologies. Technology can help increase business efficiency and even expand operations. Cover Story Sponsored by SAP

September’14 Issue Cover story: SME Banking & Finance

SME Banking is a different business altogether. Even though SMEs do have a corporate structure, most of them run as sole proprietorship or family-owned businesses. Hence, bankers need to engage with them and understand their requirements and repayment capabilities. Bankers need to work closely with SME associations and experts to have more knowledge about the business.

Small Enterprise Magazine, July’14 Issue: Challenges in growing from Small to Big

Bitter it may be, the truth is that often owners themselves are the biggest obstacles which limit the growth of their business. Unfortunately many SME owners do not have a vision for the future. In fact their planning time horizon normally is 6 months to 1 year at a maximum. This shows that their mindset is not very pro-active. They themselves are not visionary; a very important attribute an owner should have to scale up his business.

Small Enterprise Magazine June'14 Cover

Small Enterprise Magazine June’14 Issue : Start-Up Essentials

Starting a business is exciting. But it can be exhausting if the entrepreneur is not properly guided. When starting a company, good advice early on can be the difference between success and failure. Choosing the right from drafting a business plan to right strategies in recruiting, marketing, branding and many more play key role in deciding the success of an enterprise. In June issue of Small Enterprise magazine, you will find start-up experts and mentors sharing their tips and advice for start-ups on various segments.

Small Enterprise Magazine, May'14 Issue: Digital Marketing for Small Business.

Does your organisation have a clearly defined digital strategy? As we all are now spending more of our lives surrounded by digital media, marketers, keeping pace with this, are spending a good chunk of their ad budget on digital marketing. Reports say that digital advertising is growing by more than 10 per cent and mobile advertising by more than 50 per cent every year in India alone.

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