20 May 2018

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Proprietorship enterprises for Publications of Academic Journals and Books
For Proprietorship enterprises of Publications of Academic Journals and Books, which also have foreign Subscriptionsf for journal and order for book. I want to know: 1. Do I need to get "IMPORTER EXPORTER CODE" ( in short IEC ) ? 2. What is other leagal responsibilities which I suppose to fulfill ?
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  • Posted on: 2011-01-16 18:00
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  • Firstly, our congratulations on your venture.   The legal requirements for starting/running a publishing business are the same as any other. For IEC, and formalities, please refer to  http://commerce.nic.in/index.asp. It might take just two working days to get an IEC code, once documents are submitted.   In addition, you would need to register the titles with Registrar for Newspapers in India, [RNI]. Please refer to https://rni.nic.in/mini_ib.asp Answer provided by V. Pradeep Kumar.  V.Pradeep Kumar is a publishing and media expert, with diverse local and international experience.

    • 2011-01-18 22:42


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