07 December 2019

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Anish Mathew: The 'Carvertiser'

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Anish Mathew loves to make a difference. He is indeed different, and he aspires to indulge in creative and varied entrepreneurial ventures. After completing his Masters in Economics from MCC, Chennai, Anish decided to broaden his horizons further by going on to procure his Postgraduate diploma in marketing management from Frederick Institute of Technology, Cypress (University of Wales). With an unquenchable thirst for knowledge he set out to further major in International business operations and in various other disciplines too.

With all these academic qualifications to his credit, Anish Mathew went on to head the Videocon handset, the Blackberry and data services with Air cell, Kerala, and also went on to head Corporate Wireless with Reliance .com, Kerala. “ Life was truly hectic and it set me thinking on the lines that , if I can work hard for other corporates, why not go into business for myself and be my own boss”- smiles Anish

Now, Anish Mathew heads three different ventures - yachting, project air conditioning and carvertizing. ‘’Yachting is one; I call it Legacy Yachting (www.legacyyachting.com). My friend in Dubai who heads Nautical Lines Limited encouraged me to venture into yachting. Corporate sales being my core strength, I get to meet core people from major corporates and I can pitch in with my yachts”- explains Anish. Clients can choose their own yachts and Anish gives them custom built yachts, wherein costs are brought down by thirty percent.  “The beauty of it all is, my clients can be a part of the entire project right from inception”- clarifies Anish Mathew.

Anish’s second venture focuses on project air-conditioning- Biscon Engineering Private Ltd. This firm of his provides chiller units for shopping malls and large spaces. “I take up huge projects for malls, offices and primarily, large spaces”- Anish Being a very enterprising person, all these does not deter Anish from dabbling in more ventures. His third endeavor is Biscon Media Solutions, which is into creating innovative ads.

“Bill boards and hoardings are being replaced these days. I specialise in carvertising, which is nothing but advertising on wheels. We have tied up with Tata Motors”. Anish’s firm approaches private car dealers and ask them to give their outer spaces for branding, for which they are paid too.

“ When Tata Nano costs 2,35,000, and when they agree on carvertizing and branding on their cars, the price is reduced to 75000, which is easily a win- win situation for all concerned’ – explains Anish.

Anish Mathew has successfully launched his carvertizing in South India and Delhi. Initially, it was launched on Tata Nano in Kochi.” For each brand we advertise, we approach private car dealers and advertise on a hundred cars. “

By January of 2011, Anish proposes to branch out to Chennai where he has already tied up with Concord Motors. Then, he aspires to move on to Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Coimbatore and so on.

“Whatever I do, I want to make a difference, create an impact. The ultimate luxury is yachting. Five years from now, there would be a massive change in lifestyle of people”- opines Anish After kick starting his yachting venture, Anish proposes to get into promoting private jets. “I prefer to deal with lifestyle products. Yachting and private jets business is risky because you don’t close deals daily.  Closing one yacht in a year by itself is highly profitable”- .

Anish is currently custom building a twelve crore yacht for a hotel chain in Kochi.
Anish Mathew can be contacted at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / 0484-3199111


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